Why BSC Private Wealth Management?

Wealth management firms vary widely in their philosophies and in the services they offer.  BSC Private Wealth Management is dedicated to a well-organized process that places the client at the center of our business model.

We are uniquely qualified in the disciplines of wealth management and our clients have entrusted us with the care of their most cherished ambitions.In return, we endeavor to meet this privilege with diligence and accountability.  Our methods are designed to facilitate success through specific and time-tested disciplines.

We have no desire to be all things to all people.  As a Registered Investment Advisor, we operate under the highest fiduciary standard of care; not only because we are legally required to do so, but also because we believe this standard best serves our clients.

Above all else, we focus on the quality of our client’s lives; not merely the size of their portfolios or the sophistication of our strategies.  Advancing our clients confidently toward their goals inspires us every day.

Competency, Character, Clients, Clarity, and Community exemplify our values and define our business model.  Together, these words make the most compelling case for our firm.